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REDLattice is a mission-focused provider of technology and services for CNO and non-traditional mission support. Since 2012, we have helped our customers deliver mission success and solve some of their most complex challenges.

We provide full spectrum capabilities from finding vulnerabilities in target systems to deploying global infrastructure. Our expertise in vulnerability research (VR), tool development, malware analysis, reverse engineering (RE), and advanced operational capabilities allow us unparalleled ability to support our customers.

We are defined by our ability to rapidly design, develop, and implement cutting edge solutions.

REDLattice | We Do

Our team is the best in the industry for providing unique services and capabilities to our partners. REDLattice's subject matter experts have unparalleled knowledge across the most difficult platforms; there's no challenge we cannot solve. Our team has enabled us to create the next generation VR and RE tools. Whether it's our automated test range, Tahoe, a tool that automates testing and validation of malware across all target platforms, or nachostack, a binary analysis and RE augmentation platform, our collective experience is guiding our innovation into the future of VR.

Culture | We Are

REDLattice is a place for people who are passionate about the mission and all things technical. We're a company of hackers in the original sense of the word: we like to take it apart and put it together again. We invent. We learn. It's not work, it's what we do for fun.

Check out a few of our many perks for being a part of the RL team.

REDLattice | Careers

REDlattice is continuously searching for not just the best, but the obsessed. We aren’t talking network defense or basic IT security here - our positions are mission-focused and operational in nature. Basically, if it’s not challenging, we're not interested. If you are looking to join a group of agile, self-motivated engineers, we would love to hear from you.

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Phone number: +1 703 829 0733
Offices in: Virginia & Florida